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Tourism Cities Around Istanbul Tourists Shouldn’t Miss

Although Istanbul is the heart of Turkey, especially for tourists, you need to explore what’s around it. You will be dazzled by the beauty of nature and the touristic services these cities have. 


This is the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, and it has a lot of locations worth visiting. Tourism in this great city is truly varied, stretching from the Marmara sea to the high mountain of Uludağ. You will experience the beauty of the journey up to the top of the mountain via one of the longest cable cars in the world.

If you visit Bursa in the winter, you will enjoy skiing in one of the most equipped locations in the world.

Bursa also has many beautiful hotels and great green spaces and parks. Therefore, it is visited by many tourists who seek the beauty of nature everywhere. When we talk about the beauty of nature in Bursa, then we are talking about amazing waterfalls and stunning lakes and forests but what is also considered worth seeing is the 600-year-old tree that became the main tourist destination. The amazing location you should never also miss if you plan to visit Bursa is the old Ottoman village which is still preserving the beauty of that era and therefore directors target it for shooting historical movies and TV shows.


This city is absolutely one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey because of its nature and green mountains in addition to its huge lake. We’re not talking about a normal lake. We are talking about a huge one that reaching its shores will make you think of it as a sea more than a lake.

Sapanca is the main destination for tourists who spend their vacation in Istanbul. This city is around 90 minutes far from the city of Istanbul where lots of activities and beautiful scenes are waiting for thousands of tourists to enjoy.

If you go to Sapanca, then you shouldn’t miss the amazing nature in Maşukiye. There you will find amazing waterfalls and green forests in addition to the wonderful restaurants and cafés in the heart of nature. Well! Going to Sapanca means experiencing amazing activities mainly in nature like the safari tours and zipline in addition to the joy of skiing in the winter in Kartepe mountain where people also go to in the winters to enjoy the snow activities and the views


100 km far from Istanbul you will find one of the most beautiful tourist destinations ever. It is the city of Izmit which is also by the sea of Marmara. Izmit shares the same locations as Sapanca and Maşukiye particularly the mountain of Kartepe. However, in Izmit, you will witness a different aspect of the beauty of nature, particularly near the lake of Yuvacik.

Izmit is not only a natural place to visit, the city has a lot of museums such as the museum of science and the museum of Kocaeli. Izmit has also an amazing park of figures of Disney characters that can be an amazing stop for tourists with their families where children can enjoy their time as well. Moreover, Izmit has also amazing activities like zipline and mountain motorbikes.

Şile & Ağva:

This amazing destination is one of the best summer trips on the Black Sea. We are talking about extraordinary nature and amazing shores. The wonders you will find in Şile and Ağva are breathtaking and the most important one of them is the Hidden Lake where you will find a beautiful lake surrounded by green forests.  If you seek a secluded place to escape the noise of the city, then this lake will be your best choice. However, the lake is not the only amazing natural scene you will encounter there because the river of Gosku will make you amazed while passing it on a boat and being surrounded by green spaces. You will also get to have lunch by the river at one of the restaurants on the riverbanks. 

Get ready there to enjoy swimming at the beach of Ağva which is stretched over 2 km. Nice beach resorts and hotels are also available at the beach which makes the trip there more comfortable.

 Well! History also left its touch there, too. You will also have the chance to visit the minaret that was built during the era of the Ottoman empire. It’s an amazing place as well for taking pictures. 


This is a city of splendid nature and hot water springs. It is the place you escape to for relaxation. You can enjoy the amazing resorts in the area and the natural scenes. The most important place to visit in Yalova is the hot water spring of the Termal Village which people go to for medical purposes as well. Another amazing location to visit if you go to Yalova is the waterfall of Sodosan (Sudüşen) which is not that far from Termal village and is also visited by a lot of tourists. In addition, the waterfall area is full of cafés and restaurants where you can enjoy your meals and drinks near the waterfalls. Isn’t that amazing?

Don’t miss visiting the Çınarcık resort which is located in the area of Marmara where the clean water and the amazing forests are. It is not just a natural place. It is also an amazing location with historical sites from the Byzantine and Ottoman eras. In the end, it is important also to know that Yalova is the place that you go shopping in as well, especially in the city where a lot of famous brands are.


If you are familiar with the story of the Trojan Horse or if you like the movie “TROY”, then you definitely need to hit this location. It’s the city of Troy that is 30 km far from Çanakkale and there you will see the wooden horse used in “Troy” movie in 2004 starring the famous actor Brad Pitt.  Since this area is a historical one, you will also find a lot of archeological interests in addition to the naval museum.

There is also a chance for tourists to experience the calmness and the relaxation of Gökçeada the wonderful big island in the area of Çanakkale. This is not the only island in the province. The island of Tenedos or (Bozcaada) as they call it. This small island is a refuge for many tourists and locals because of its calmness and beauty. The island has a castle from the Byzantine era in addition to Yenikal castle which was built in the Ottoman era. The shores of this island attract a lot of tourists who also find a lot of cafés, restaurants, and resorts.


The is another city on the Black Sea. However, it’s the city of natural beauty where you will find the best hotels surrounded by amazing green forests. Another amazing natural feature that Bolu has is the lake of Abant. This one is surrounded by green heights which makes it one of the main reasons tourists visit the city for. The Seven Lakes National Park is also another reason for its fame of Bolu. This wonderful place is full of varied kinds of plants and trees. What makes it even more beautiful is the existence of seven natural lakes between these amazing trees.

Bolu has waterfalls like Samarinda waterfalls and caves that are worth visiting like the cave of Sarıkaya and Fakili.

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