Belgium and Netherland 2

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Belgium and Netherland 2

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Day 1: Amsterdam Embark.

Day 2: Amsterdam Canals

You haven't properly experienced Amsterdam, often known as Northern Venice until you've visited the canals. With a Mimosa in hand, we will tour a portion of the city's canals by boat. Amsterdam has something for everyone and now is your opportunity to discover it. We will ride about the city, view the sites, and discuss the rich history of Amsterdam.

Day 3: Rotterdam

While running around Rotterdam with 1,900 running trails in the city, we could not forego this. We will run along the sea and take in the scenery.

Rotterdam by Design

This tour will take you through the trendiest buildings in Rotterdam, showcasing the city's finest architecture.

Visit the 1930s Cube Holds of Piet Blom, the modern Market Hall that houses the masterpiece that many have dubbed "the Sistine Chapel of Rotterdam," and, of course, the famed Erasmus Bridge that has been used in fashion campaigns, films, and as a musical background.

Rotterdam After Dark Rotterdam, being one of the most fashionable cities in the Netherlands, is full of contrasts at night. Whether you like craft cocktails or dive bars, we will take you to the famed Market Hall, whose roof is a magnificent piece of art.

Day 4: Middelburg

Intro to Middelburg This quaint city, one of the most attractive in the Netherlands, will enchant you. From its historic, meandering alleyways to its expansive parks and World War II-era bunkers, this city has much to offer.

There is an abundance of attractions. Domburg Beach via bicycle with its expansive beaches, lengthy boardwalks, and sand dunes, Domburg Beach is the ideal location for a bicycle trip.

Day05: Ghent

Overview of Ghent Since World War II, this city has seen the significant transformation, yet it remains one of our favorites. You will learn about its history and visit several of its famous squares and markets. Visit landmarks with Local Students

We'd like to introduce you to the local kids of Ghent who know everything cool and hip. Join them for brunch aboard the ship before heading into town. The tours are totally customizable based on the group's interests and will take place on foot, by bicycle, or by taxi!

Bruges in Depth Please board! We are traveling by train to go to Bruges. Prior to visiting the Fries Museum, take in the views and scenes with a local guide. Yes, it is a museum dedicated to all fried potato-related items.

Day 6: Antwerp

Today, you might choose one of these exciting excursions in Antwerp: This walking tour will introduce you to the city of Antwerp, renowned for its fashion, architecture, and cultural differences. Stop for a free taste of traditional cuisine and wines while you absorb the local culture;

OR 2) CULTURE & FOOD BIKE TOUR: Arrive with an appetite, because you're in for a tremendous feast. We will ride through some of Antwerp's most well-known areas while sampling Moroccan mint tea, Turkish treats, and Jewish sweets. <b>Antwerp Beer Tour</b> With the greatest pub density in the world, this trip is an absolute must. Would you visit Italy without eating pizza? We did not believe so. Additionally, we should clarify that there is no official closing hour in this city.

Day 7: Brussels

Overview of Brussels The easiest approach to get a sense of this global metropolis is to explore a few areas and see a few attractions. You could discover something that you would like to see again.

A bicycle Tour of the Atomium which is a landmark structure constructed for the 1958 World's Fair, is a must-see. We will also ride through some of the nicest parks and trails in Brussels. The finest of Brussels This is for individuals who wish to visit the most prominent sights in Brussels.

Moreover, the city is renowned for its chocolate, so you may even have a taste along the route.

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Rotterdam - Middelburg - Ghent - Antwerp - Brussels