Antalya – Cappadocia – Pamukkale – Bodrum – Marmaris

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Antalya – Cappadocia – Pamukkale – Bodrum – Marmaris

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Day 01: Antalya.

Welcomed and transferred to hotel, visit ANTALYA, a seaside metropolis of more than a million people, the entrance of Adrian, the Ottoman district, and its enormous waterfall that flows directly into the sea, overnight

Day 02- Antalya, Aspendos, Side, Karaman, and Nigde.

Visit the Coastal and mountainous Anatolian area. Then head to ASPENDOS, we see the best-preserved Roman theater in the world. We depart from Antalya. In SIDE, we'll be able to see the ancient Greek temple of Apollo overlooking the ocean. It's time to take a stroll around the bustling streets of the port. We travel through stunning terrain as we traverse the 3,500-meter-high Taurus Mountains, which are mostly covered with snow throughout the year. A visit to the old Ottoman house TARTAN EVI in KARAMAN. Cappadocia is the next stop on our journey

Day 03- Nigde and Cappadocia

Visit CAPPADOCIA the beautifully shaped landscapes beautiful towns, with its lunar scenery, chapels, and troglodyte communities, the highlights include GUMUSLER, a stunning 7th-century subterranean monastery with some of Turkey's finest Byzantine murals. we witness a 30,000-person underground metropolis in KAYMAKLI. UCHISAR, a natural fortification, after lunch, visit the GOREME Valley, where we may explore the open-air museum and the rock-cut chapels. AVANOS HOTEL.

Day 04: Cappadocia, Ihlara, and Konya

Konya's Caravanserai, the Ihlara Valley. A full meal is included in the price. The IHLARA Valley, at the very end of Cappadocia, is renowned for the purity of its water, as well as the churches and towns that have been carved out of the rock. Our next destination is a 13th-century CARAVANSERAI before we arrive in KONYA and see the Mausoleum of Mevlana. The Dervishes' sect

Day 05: Konya, Egridir, and Pamukale

Along the way, we pass through EGRIDIR, a picturesque town near a vast lake complete with fortifications and mosques, head to The Cotton Castle that was built by the calcareous waters of PAMUKKALE Hierapolis,

Day 06: then Pamukkale, Ephesus, and Kusadasi

Visit Ephesus which was inhabited by a quarter of a million people 2000 years ago; it is the best-preserved ancient metropolis in Asia Minor. We also explore The Virgin Mary's House, the Basilica of Saint John, and the spectacular remains of Ephesus, then visit KUSADASI, a bustling seaside town with a modest castle and plenty of character.

Day 07: Kusadasi, Bodrum and Marmaris

We enjoy the Aegean Sea scenes in the distance. We explore gorgeous towns on the Turkish coast. Bodrum, a lovely fortified city of Greek heritage, is our next destination. We Visit its castle, meander through its bustling city streets, or take a leisurely stroll along its sports marina; there is something for everyone. After lunch, we'll continue on to MARMARIS, another charming seaside resort town with a castle, harbor, and fountains to explore. Meals and lodging are included.

Day 08: Marmaris, Dalyan, and Antalya

We head to DALYAN, an amazing riverside town. A two-hour boat ride to the LYCIA'S ROYAL TOMBS is included, as well as a stop at the hot springs on a big lake. You may take a dip in the warm water or enjoy a mud bath if you want! It's time to refuel at one of the many riverfront eateries in DAYLAN. The next stop is ANTALYA the last destination

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Antalya - Cappadocia - Pamukkale - Bodrum - Marmaris