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Top 5 Gorgeous Parks and Gardens in Istanbul Every Tourist Should Visit

So, you decide to enjoy the beauty of Istanbul which means you make a plan of locations you want to visit. Before you do, you need to learn about these amazing parks so you can add some of them to your visit list.

Why these parks? Because they are with stunning views and amazing green spaces with endless kinds of flowers. Also, because they have attracted a countless number of tourists.

1. The most famous (Emirgan Park)

The reason beyond considering Emrigan the most famous is the number of citizens and the significant number of tourists visiting this stunning location. The park, located in the district of Saryier, has more than 100 flower and tree types. It also hosts the tulip festival every year which becomes breathtaking. Just picture yourself standing in front of a vast space of colorful tulips.

2. Gulhane Park

Or the House of Flowers. This amazing park is also among the targets of tourists. The park which has been public for almost 100 years, has been renewed a couple of times. What is interesting about this one is that it used to be a garden related to the palace of Topkapi. So, you go to the park, and you start walking and then you will be blown away by the beauty of the green space that is decorated with amazing flowers of different types and colors. Interesting names were given to this park such as the philosophers’ park and the writers’ park.

3. Yildiz Park

This one is a part of Yildiz Palace and it is taking a huge space full of beautiful flowers, trees, and plants. It also has an artificial lake which adds to the beauty of the park. What is also considered amazing regarding this park is that it has trees and flowers from all over the world in addition to an amazing fountain. This is the place where you will never be bored of walking. It is actually a perfect place to hiking.

4. Camlica Park

On the Asian side of the amazing city of Istanbul, there is the most important hill of the ones that Istanbul is famous for which is the hill of Camlica. The park on the hill is the perfect place for wedding photo sessions which is why it was called by many people ( the hill of brides). What makes the view special there is that all of Istanbul will look like a wonderful drawing from there. This amazing panoramic view is not the only thing you will enjoy. The facilities and the walkways will make your fun time on that hill endless.

5. Belgrad Forest

When we talk about Belgrad, we are not actually talking about a park. This is a true forest that will make you amazed by the beauty of its green trees and amazing walkways. Belgrad is the place you enjoy outside the city. It’s the Oxygen kingdom because of its huge space of trees and plants. This amazing forest has around 2000 plant types. You will enjoy hiking there and the sounds of birds will make it interesting and enjoyable. Also, if you are planning for a picnic in this green kingdom, it is the best destination to go to.

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