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Every tourist should know about

Thinking of visiting Turkey? You need to check the following places first so that you can add them to your visit list. 

1. The endless Istanbul

Istanbul has places that may take large chunks of text to describe their beauty and importance. Therefore, we’ll list some of the most exciting for tourists of different tastes.

1.1   BALAT

This colorful neighborhood is as ancient as a masterpiece of painting. With its colored buildings, bright-painted stairs, and wooden houses, you will feel as if you are in a poem. Balat is full of nice cafés and artistic vintage shops.

1.2    Ortakoy 

This is where most of the tourists’ pictures are taken. It’s the place right next to the Bosporus bridge. Charming and for sure enjoyable. You can walk in its alleys and enjoy antique shops and waffle and kumpir (mashed tomato) shops too.

1.3   Sultanahmet

Where the blue mosque is. The famous mosque across from Aya Sofia has an amazing design from the outside and the inside in addition to the gardens and the old bazaar around.

1.4    Uskudar

The Asian side has the best view over the Golden Horn and the Girl Tower ( Kız Kulesi). Uskudar is amazing at sunset where you can just watch the sun disappear behind the skyline of the city of Istanbul.

1.5   Istiklal Street

Perhaps you’ve seen some pictures of the old tramway making its path through the crowded street of Istiklal. However, this is way more than you think. The street is full of details that need a whole day to conclude. If you start from Taksim square, then you will end with Galata Tower the famous old tower of the city. 

2. Butterfly Valley

This is just a magical place mother nature has given Turkey. It is located in Fethiye where the beauty of the green mountains meets the amazing turquoise color of the sea. The beach is the best for taking amazing photos and for peaceful hiking. If you are looking for BBQ parties, then you gotta spend a night there.

3. Ephesus

A UNESCO-protected spot that is visited by tourists all over the world has the charm of the ancient history of 9000 years. Ephesus has Roman, Christian, Ottoman, Hellenistic, and Greek ruins and monuments.

Guess what! Ephesus has the temple of Artemis which used to be considered one of the seven wonders of the World.

If you visit Ephesus, don’t miss visiting the third largest in the ancient world in addition to the stunning theatre the Temple of Hadrian, and the terraced houses complex.

4. Bodrum

It’s all about the turquoise water that attracts a vast number of tourists. If you seek to lie on the sandy beach, enjoy the sun, and swim in the amazing sea, then you must come to Bodrum. Also, you can enjoy boat tours around the peninsula of Bodrum. 

The Castle of St. Peter should be on the top of your list if you are planning to visit Bodrum in addition to the Bodrum’s Museum of Underwater Archaeology.

There are a lot of things also to do in Bodrum and some of them are exploring the old city with its beautiful narrow streets and shopping at the bazaars in the modern area.

5. The Pools of Pamukkale

This place has been given many interesting names such as Cotton castle, Velvet white rocks, White paradise, magically healing hot water springs, and others. It is a natural site in Denizli Over the course of thousands of years, the white-water pools were formed and became famous globally world for their medical and healing effect. 

There are many reasons why you should visit this magical place and one of them is the amazing historical locations around it such as the ancient Greek city of Hierapolis.

6. The charming Cappadocia

The minaret-shaped rocks in honey-brown color make Cappadocia look like a fairy tale. These rocks are the Chimneys or the Fairy Chimneys of Cappadocia as people call them.

But the chimneys are not the only magic the city has. You gotta explore what the land hides underneath which are (The carved houses) that were inhabited by settlers from the Bronze Age. Not only houses did they carve, but also churches and monasteries. When it is dawn, you gotta wake up and get yourself ready for one of the most amazing experiences ever which is the hot-air balloon ride. Also, you might be interested in checking other activities and locations like the valley that looks like the Grand Canyon in the US.

Just remember, you will never be able to see everything in Turkey in one or two or even three visits. The charm of this geographical location doesn’t end.

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