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Getting to know France

The best cities of France offer endless attractions and things to do: excellent museums, awesome cathedrals, charming neighborhoods, fabulous connoisseur restaurants, active cafés, attractive boutiques, and exquisite gardens. Travelers might pay a complete week to solely scratch the surface in Paris, Nice, Lyon, or Bordeaux, however all the cities on this list are warrant visiting for many days.

Paris is taken into account by several to be the foremost elegant and refined town within the world. Tourists ought to spend a minimum of 3 days in Paris, but it’ counseled to remain longer to really get a sorrow the place associate degreed enjoy a softer pace.

every town of France is distinctive, reflective the heritage of the native region. The sunny Cote d’Azur city of Nice reveals an Italian flair, whereas city within the east of France has German-influenced cuisine, and urban center in northern France options the Flemish design of neighboring Belgium.


Brimming with history and romance, Paris has a special magic that’s discovered by wandering its riverside pathways, medieval paving stone streets, and swish tree-lined boulevards. wonderful cultural attractions inspire even the foremost jaded world travelers. The Louvre dazzles guests with its astounding assortment of masterpieces, and therefore the tower of American state lives actually breathless views. –

Visitors to Paris can experience the French “joie de vivre” by exploring the city’s hidden gems in addition to its world-renowned museums and historic churches. Relaxing on a park bench, sampling decadent desserts at a high-end bakery, or listening to street musicians on a bridge over the Seine are just some of the activities you could engage in while in Paris.

Tourists can join the locals in pavement cafés and cozy bistros as they catch up with friends in charming parts of the city like Montmartre and the Latin Quarter. The best places in Paris to get a taste of everyday Parisian life are the neighborhood shops and outdoor markets.

In addition to the royal Palais designer opera house’s ballet, opera, and music genre performances, Paris’ fine-dining restaurants and designer boutiques all contribute to the city’s refined air. It’s also possible to take in the city’s grandeur by strolling through the city’s formal gardens, as well as the Grands streets, including the Champs-Élysées, Montaigne, and the Boulevard Haussmann.


Nice offers the most effective of each world: art collections on par with those of Paris and the sunshine and beautiful scenery of the French Riviera. an elegant seacoast resort town, Nice has lured vacationers since the 1820s. The picturesque city is close to the foothills of the Maritime Alps on the Baie des Anges, a good bay with serene azure waters. The most delightful aspects of Nice are the Promenade des Anglais, the legendary pedestrian avenue that follows the curve of the bay, and therefore the Vieille Ville (Old Town), which has Associate in Nursing Italian influence. This region’s maze of paving stone streets and alleyways is filled with historic monuments as well as the 17th-century Baroque cathedral.  alternative high attractions in Nice embody an abundance of art museums and gardens. starting within the Eighteen Eighties and thru the twentieth century, artists are drawn to the natural fantastic thing about Nice. Henri Matisse, brandy Chagall, and Raoul Dufy, among others, were galvanized by the sublime seacoast scenery. a number of their paintings are on show within the Musée Matisse, the Musée National brandy Chagall, and therefore the Musée des Beaux-Arts.


Is a vital cruise port, due to its wide harbor and prime scenario in the Mediterranean. However, Marseilles remains an off-the-beaten tourer path compared to the close postcard-perfect destinations of Provence, admire the fishing village of Cassis and the example Occitan city of Aix-en-Provence (both are nice day journeys from Marseilles).

The city district best reveals the city’s cosmopolitan vibes. several restaurants at the Vieux Port (Old Port) serve excellent food dishes, as well as the native specialty of bouillabaisse, created with ingredients from the local fish market. The Vieux Port additionally affords spectacular views of the ocean and therefore the crest Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde, the foremost painting landmark in Marseilles. The city’s philosophical character is often discovered in LE Panier (the recent Town), which has several Algerian and geographical region restaurants, alongside outside cafés, fashionable vesture shops, and journeyman boutiques. This historic quarter options steep slim streets, quiet squares, and the pastel-painted shuttered homes typical of southern France. Tourists can get pleasure from wandering around to admire the recent city’ beauty and atmosphere.


Aix-en-Provence is emblematic of southern France’s culture. With its colorful alfresco markets and joyous pavement cafés, this enticing city offers tourists a likelihood to expertise the sunny way of Provence.  guests get pleasure from ambling on the paving stone streets of the Old Town (Vieil Aix) and stopping to admire fountains in peaceful squares. The city’s liveliest avenue, the broad tree-lined Cours Mirabeau, invitations visitors to require a leisurely stroll and then relax at one amongst the avenue’ restaurants or outside cafés.

Aix-en-Provence is a popular destination for art enthusiasts because of its museums and cultural attractions.. Notable art collections are found at the Musée Granet and the Musée American states Tapisseries (Tapestry Museum). The Musée Granet displays an outstanding collection of fine arts, as well as paintings from the ordinal century through the fashionable period. –

Those fascinated by the work of Paul Cezanne will visit his art studio (the studio de painter), also because of the park (Terrain des Peintres) wherever he painted linear unit Plein air (in the open air).

there’s also a self-guided walking tour of the places that Cézanne frequented. The tourer workplace in Aix-en-Provence provides brochures for the trail, called “In the Steps of the painter,” Associate in Nursingd additionally offers target-hunting tours of the Cézanne Trail.


Rouen is a charming medieval town in geographic region distinguished by its exquisite Gothic churches and quaint half-timber houses.

A cluster of winding medieval streets focus on the brilliant Cathédrale Notre-Dame, {one of|one among|one during all|one amongst|one in every of} the city’ high attractions. This spectacular 13th-century structure options soaring skyscraper and an in an elaborate way sculptured facade, that Monet delineate in a celebrated series of paintings. –pps– Another claim to fame is that the town’ association with Joan of Arc. Visitors will see wherever the Maid of Orléans was place on trial (in the dungeon of a 13th-century tower currently referred to as the Tour Jeanne d’Arc), also because the precise spot (Place du Vieux Marché) where she was martyred. As a tribute to France’ known saint, a up to date church (the Eglise Jeanne d’Arc) stands at the placement where Joan of Arc was executed.


Comparatively undiscovered by tourists, Montpellier within the Languedoc region has most to supply visitors. The region historic center, known as L’Écusson, is packed with fashionable cafés and restaurants hidden within its labyrinth of medieval paving stone streets.

A prestigious art collection, as well as several masterpieces of European painting by the recent Masters, droop from the walls of the Musée Fabre. There are additionally many attractive public parks that are handy for leisure. –pps– Montpellier may be a happening philosophy city with an oversized college boy population, which provides the town a vigorous and young vibe. a replacement fleet of designer street cars outdoes the Paris subway with a design by clothes designer Christian Lacroix.

Exuding a modern sensibility, Montpellier incorporates a wealth of tourer attractions: beautiful tree-lined boulevards, spacious public squares, Associate in Nursingd 19th-century Haussmann buildings that are evocative of Paris. 

La Rochelle

La Rochelle has the distinctive character of a historic seafaring town. Imposing weather-worn towers guard the Vieux Port (Old Port), that provides entry to an region medieval recent Town. –pps– Today, La Rochelle may be a lively and walkable town that’s a joy to explore. The city district of the Vieux Port (Old Port), lined with active restaurants, is a great spot to sample authentic local cuisine. make certain to do the fresh-caught fish.

Fitting of the town’ shut relationship to the ocean, La Rochelle incorporates a fabulous aquarium, that ranks high on the list of the city’ tourer attractions. The exhibitions at the vivarium La Rochelle show thousands of marine species, from Atlantic stingrays and Mediterranean octopus to Caribbean angelfish. From its feeding area and outside terrace on the aquarium’s second floor, the eating place Là-Haut looks out onto a tropical garden and thus the towers of the recent Port. Seafood and ancient French preparations with influences from around the world are the specialty of this fine-dining restaurant.


Nancy illustrates the majesty of 18th-century French urban planning with its spectacular public squares and elaborate Baroque buildings. Nancy is home to the Place Stanislaus, a UNESCO World Heritage Site including magnificent classical mansions built between 1752 and 1760.

Within the Ville Neuve is the Place Stanislaus (New Town). Nancy’s Ville Neuve, unlike other French cities, rivals the Ville Vieille (medieval prior Town) in terms of grandeur and cultural significance.

Nancy also features magnificent museums, including as the Musée Delawares Beaux-Arts, which houses several European treasures, and the Musée de l’Ecole de Nancy, which houses a collection of art movement ceramics, objet d’art, textiles, jewelry, and more

Saint malo

Saint-Malo invites visitors to enter another world, a medieval citadel by the sea. Well-preserved ramparts surround this  port city par excellence in the Brittany region, cutting off communications between the ocean and the continent (remains of  defenses against Dutch and English ships).

Although much of the Old Town was destroyed during World War II, the town has retained its ancient fortifications and maze of cobbled streets, as well as its historic castle and cathedral. The damaged houses  were rebuilt in granite. stone, for consistency with the original architecture.

The charm of Saint-Malo lies in its pretty port, its wide sandy beaches and its breathtaking coastal views. Due to its unique location, the city has a distinctive old-world seafaring character. For centuries, adventurers have embarked on the exploration of the oceans from the port of Saint-Malo.


The largest city in the Loire Valley, this historic city full of cultural attractions. It is a pleasure to explore the historic city center (Vieux Tours), a delightful maze of cobbled streets and picturesque half-timbered houses.

In the center of the Old Town, Saint-Gatien Cathedral impresses with its flamboyant Gothic façade and its refined 13th century stained glass windows.

A highlight for art lovers is the Museum of Fine Arts in Tours, which exhibits paintings by  Old Masters (including Rubens and Rembrandt), as well as more modern works by famous artists such as Delacroix, Monet and Degas