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When people mention Bursa, then everyone thinks about the cable car and the skiing activities. Well! We are informing you that Bursa has more than that and you should add the following locations to your visit list.

1. Fascinating Waterfalls

Bursa is dubbed as Green Bursa all the time, especially by tourism agencies. They are right! Bursa has amazing nature and breathtaking views which include a couple of waterfalls that are highly advised to visit such as the waterfalls of Saitabat also known as the Kestel waterfalls. Surrounded by amazing forests and green trees, these waterfalls are the place you find joy in. Of course, these are not the only waterfalls since there is Kemal Pasha waterfall also known as the Grand Waterfall in addition to Oylat waterfalls. The latter is considered the most attractive to tourists which means that you shouldn’t miss 

2. The Old Tree

Imagine all the years that this tree has survived. The 600-year-old tree will make you feel dazzled while you are drinking a cup of tea under its huge branches. The tree is highly recommended by every tourist who ever stepped into that location. Don’t forget the camera because a lot of pictures of your standing there will create wonderful memories to carry with you. 

3. The Green Valley of Bursa

As was mentioned before, people call Bursa (Green Bursa) and the Green Valley is one of the reasons because of the amazing nature and the wonderful waterfalls in it. It doesn’t matter where you turn your head there, you will find what captures your eyes. Trees, flowers, plants, and waterfalls are everywhere.

The beauty of the valley is complemented by the facilities for those who love to stay. This is accomplished through hotels, accommodations, restaurants, and cafés 

4. The Ottoman Village

Coming from the heart of Ottoman history, this village is the keeper of all touches that date back to 700 years ago. It’s rare and worth visiting because it will make you feel how life was then. It manages to preserve the houses and the buildings from that era which makes it the first destination the movie and television directors go-to for producing historical cinematic and tv work.

5. Mount Uludag

This is the location that represents Bursa in the eyes of tourists from all over the world. The high mountain that is worth visiting all year long, can be the best destination for skiing lovers and other activities like snowmobile riding or camping in the summer.  Just picture yourself going up above 2500 meters from sea level in a cable car while massive green space is below you and the urban areas disappear under the clouds as you climb higher.

This is not all since Bursa is full of places that cannot be covered in one day.

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