(These will make your Trip to Istanbul Memorable)

Do you think tourists should care less about details while traveling? Wrong! Even if you travel using the services of the best agencies, simple issues can bring misery to your tip. Here are 8 real problems-based tips some tourists learned the hard way:

1. Kadıköy & The Fish Market

This wonderful place is where you will enjoy the fish sandwiches called (Balik Ekmek). But it will be a mistake to call it the (Fish market) since it is way more than that. There, you take an amazing walk enjoying the smell coming out of bakeries and cafés in addition to the delicious Turkish coffee. Therefore, it is highly recommended to visit the amazing place on the Asian side of Istanbul.

What else is there in Kadikoy?

Well, if you like Istiklal street near Taksim, then you will find a parallel street in Kadikoy called Bahariye Street which is rich in cafés, bars, and restaurants. Also, you will be able to visit Tellalzade Street where you can find amazing antique shops and used books.

Talking about what to visit and do in Kadikoy may take volumes of text because it is really one of the hidden gems of the city of Istanbul since it has a lot of monuments, markets, and historical buildings like Haydarpasa Railway Station, Ayia Efimia Greek Orthodox Church, and Sureyya Opera House.

2. Feel the Culture Taste in Tophane:

Although this one is near Istiklal street, you will find yourself compelled to search for it. You will find many artistic cafés, galleries of art, and gift stores. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to eat the best Turkish meals! If you are someone who loves secrets, then you will be very excited after discovering this place.

The beauty of it is completely noticeable in the evening when the narrow alley is decorated with the lights of pubs, cafés, and restaurants in addition to the live singing coming from some restaurants, especially during the weekend.

What adds to the beauty of the place is now having one of the best open-space shopping malls in all of Istanbul which is Galata Port. The mall was built near the port where large cruise ships port.

3. Explore the World of Antique in Cihangir

although this area looks as if it is just for living it’s still one of the most active areas because celebrities and famous people always are bean seen walking in that area. that doesn’t mean that they already don’t have anything to buy from since there are a lot of antique shops telling works in the art of the ottoman. 

4. The Mosque of Peaceful Views:

The old mosque was built during the reign of Kanuni Sultan Süleyman and then renewed by the II. Abdülhamid. Check the amazing interior of the surrounding park because it is an excellent place to relax on one of the benches, read a book and enjoy the peace and the panoramic views of the opposite side of the city. Try to stay till sunset and you will see one of the most stunning views of the Bosporus from this point.

5. Discover Balat where Jewish community resides:

Balat is one of the neighborhoods of Fatih district on the European side of Istanbul. It is less known to most tourists and It’s easy to get lost here and lose hours walking through the colorful streets. If you are a photographer then this is your playground. Drink a coffee, in one of the cafés in these quaint little backstreets, and take time to look for the Bulgarian Church and be amazed by its beauty.  

6. Find the Craftsmen Shops Around Süleymaniye Mosque:

The mosque has surrounding gardens overlooking the Bosporus, and the streets around these gardens have remained the same through the centuries! The Stores in this area offer many handcrafted products for sale. These products vary from luxurious to practical. When you stroll through the streets you will feel like you are in a different era, back in time.  

7. The Beautiful Small Village of Kalinca

It is a small village inside Istanbul city. Yes, you read it right! Kalinca has great views over the Bosporus, and it is popular for its yogurt topped with caster sugar. Here you will find many tea houses, cafés, and places that sell Turkish food and traditional Turkish bagels. To reach this place you need to have stamina and determination to discover secret places. 

8. Night Shows Beside Galata Tower:

The area containing Galata Tower is always busy. When night falls, the tower shines its light and street performers appear, holding their tools to motivate the crowds and start the vibrant night. Wherever you turn your face you will find gatherings around one of those shows and they are really fascinating. It is a friendly atmosphere where you can meet new people, have fun, and communicate with anyone freely. 

9. Try the Ferry Tour:

Water is a very important part of Istanbul. As a tourist, one of the essential things to do in Istanbul is to have a ferry tour or the Bosporus Tour. While sailing, you will see many of the best attractions of the city from the water. You can order tea and a simit which is round and sesame-crusted bread to feed the gulls flying at the back of the ship. Plan this tour around sunset to get the best view of the orange sky of Istanbul. 

10. City Parks that Need Exploration:

One of the most famous parks is Emirgan Park. It has amazing views and it is famous for its flower displays, particularly the annual Tulip Festival. Another famous park in Istanbul is Yildiz Park. It is so big, and you can relax under its high trees. You can visit Ihlamur Palace as well. This gorgeously decorated summer palace is surrounded by awesome parks, sculptures, artworks, and water streams and fountains.